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The Ribs and Schnitzel Co. story began with a humble restaurant owner and his famous BBQ ribs and crumbed chicken breast. Despite successfully running a locally renowned restaurant, Yoram Malka believed that he could take his famous schnitzels to the next level. After passing on his love for food to his children, Yoram, together with his daughter, conceptualised Ribs and Schnitzel Co. – an establishment that is built on the fundamentals of fresh ingredients, finger-licking good food, and an extraordinary dining experience. Together, the father-daughter duo created a platform for chicken-lovers alike to enjoy schnitzels like no other. Oh, and our BBQ ribs are arguably the best in Australia.

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Our Menu

Choose Your Base

Crumbed Chicken • Flame Grilled Chicken (GF) • Falafel (V)

Spanish | $14

Salsa, grilled capsicum, chorizo, olives, spring onion and garlic sauce.

Get Saucy | $10

Your choice of mushroom, pepper (or) bolognese sauce

Mexican | $14

Salsa, corn, red cabbage, jalapenos, guacamole, sour cream, spring onion (v)

American | $14

Coleslaw, frankfurt sausage, fried onion, coleslaw, tomato sauce, pickles, amercian mustard

Parma | $14

Bolognese sauce, ham, grated cheese (toasted)

Italian | $14

Fresh tomatoes, pesto mayo, mozzarella cheese (toasted)

Middle Eastern | $14

Morrocan salsa, grilled eggplant, grilled capsicum, chickpeas, coriander, tahini (v)

Green | $14

Mixed leaves, broccoli, sesame, green beans, capers, mixed seeds (poppy, sesame, chia, pepitas), basil pesto (v)


Served on a bed of fries

Pork - half rack | $18 • full rack | $29

Lamb - full rack | $23

Rolls & Wraps

Turkish Roll | $11

Available with American, Mexican (or) Middle Eastern toppings

Wrap | $10

Available with American, Mexican (or) Middle Eastern toppings

Loaded Fries

Your choice of mushroom, pepper (or) bolognese sauce on a bed of potato (or) sweet potato fries | $8

Cheese and bacon | $10


Potato Fries | $4

Sweet Potato Fries | $5

Dipping Sauce | $1

Pesto mayo, honey mustard, cocktail sauce, BBQ sauce, tomato sauce

Red Cabbage | $4

Coleslaw | $4

Garden Salad | $5

Mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, red onion, carrot & french dressing


Can of drink and small fries | $4

Bottle of drink and small fries | $5

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Contact Details

628 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Phone: 9020 7250
Monday 11am - 9pm
Tuesday 5pm - 9pm
Wednesday 11am - 9pm
Thursday 11am - 9pm
Friday 11am to late
Saturday 11am to late
Sunday 11am - 9pm

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Ribs & Schnitzel Co.